Can you make customized bot for me?
Yes, we can make custom bot software according to your special request, contact us for an inquery, we’ll be happy to help you.
How do I download my software?

Your download link will be send to your email after purchase, click “Keep” if browser prompt your download.
If still can not download exe included zip file, please goto Windows Defender>set all off.

How many computers can I run the software on?

You can use one license on one computer, if you want to run the software on more than 1 computer please buy more licenses.
Please do not use one license on more than 1 computer, or your license will be terminated.
If for some reason you need to move your license please Contact us.

How to install the software?

Installation Instructions:

1>Place zip file where you want to extract it
2>Extract with usual unzip method you use
3>Depending on your antivirus, some provide false positive, so it is better you whitelist the application in your antivirus/firewall
4>Run the main exe file, enter your license details as provided via email

Thats it, you can now run the software as normal.

Norton 360 giving False Positive – How do I fix it?

Configuring scans in Norton 360 Version 4.0 to exclude specific drives, folders or files
Add exclusion to Auto-Protect and Risk scan

Start Norton 360.
Click Settings.
Click Antivirus.
On the Scans and Risks tab, under Exclusion/Low Risks, click Configure next to Scan Exclusions.
Under Scan Exclusions, click Add.
Browse and select the disk drive or folder or file you would like to exclude and click OK.
If you want to include subfolders within the folder, check Include Subfolders.
Click OK.
Under Real Time Protection Exclusions, click Add.
Browse and select the disk drive or folder or file you would like to exclude and click OK.
If you want to include subfolders within the folder, check Include Subfolders.
Click OK.
In the Scan Exclusions window, click Apply > OK.
In the Settings window, click Apply > Close.

Norton 2012

“Just in case anyone else gets this issue with Norton 2012, there were two areas that Norton blocks: botrun.exe and csc.exe. The botrun.exe problem can be resolved by creating an exclusion for Sonar for the folder that the the software executable file resides.

In addition to this, you need to make an exclusion in the anti-virus section for csc.exe. This isn’t one of your files but it is the C Sharp Controller (from what I can gather). It appears to be called by your program and Norton parcels that up with botrun and quarantines it.

Everything is working fine now I have added both of those exclusions.”

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy:

No refunds on 7 day trial licenses.

No refunds if your license was terminated for misuse.

Refunds can be made only for 1 year license during refunds period (within 24 hours after purchase).

What kind of proxy does your bot support?

Most of our windows bots software support public and private HTTP proxies, as well as socks4/5 proxies.

Why Anti Virus gives me an alert?

The reasons anti virus software show alert:
1>The software is web automation based on controlling the browser, anti-viruses tend to catch and flag up everything that is automated
2>Our software are protected against cracking through connecting server for license authorization that can cause false positive
3>In order to save both of our expense and the software are portable exe file that is not signature with expensive ssl from virus company

So some A/V blockers will trigger false positives with these bot software. We can however assure you that this is a false positive and all our softwares are clean, it is not a virus or anything harmful. It may necessary for you to whitelist the software before running it.

Please refer to: Norton 360 giving False Positive – How do I fix it?
Also you can search google for more solution regarding how to whitelist files or folders when your antivirus software giving false positive alert.

Why the software not run on my pc or server?

Please follow the following steps to settle the problem one by one:

1>The software must be on a supported Windows Environment.
2>Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later must be installed.
Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/confirmation.aspx?id=42642
3>Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2015.
Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
4>Whitelist Ubot Studio in any antivirus programs you have, add all files to antivirus white list.
5>When first run, wait bot to download the necessary files, if failed, please enter %appdata% in the file browser, then goto “UBot Studio\Browser”, remove all folders under the Browser folder, and restart the software.
6>Goto Control panel->Security And Maintenance->On the left click on “Change Windows SmartScreen settings” and turn it off.
7>Windows Firewall might have public networks unticked. Please tick to enable public networks for the software in your firewall.

If still any problem, please feel free to Contact us.

Will my software work on a MAC?

Most of our software will run on a Windowns PC and an Apple Mac.

***** You must have .net framework V4.5+ installed in your emulation environment *****

No need to install emulators, virtualizers or boot into other operating systems, you can use this great app called WineBottler
WineBottler runs your Windows-based programs directly on your Mac.
Check it out for yourself with this nice free app at http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

If that does not workout for you then you can always try Parallels for the emulation.